Pro Age Revolution

With Pure Cell Treatment from MARIA ÅKERBERG, we have taken natural, organic skincare to a whole new level. This is a facial treatment that utilises the nutritious vitality of live Roseroot stem cells; antioxidants and vitamins encapsulated in the plant's cell membrane. The cells are kept alive until the moment when they are placed on the skin. Pure Cell Treatment provides the skin with both immediate and long term results.

Pure Cell Treatment harnesses the most active antioxidants of the cell nucleus, and triggers a unique restructuring of the skin, supplying the skin cells with highly intense nutrients in a way that has barely been possible before. The skin then gains renewed power to repair itself. The high level of antioxidants in the stem cells provide the skin with instant vitality and lustre, but, most importantly, they restructure the skin long term, at the cellular level. This treatment suits everyone, but the results will be most visible on mature skin.

Pure Cell Roseroot protects the skin against free radicals, accelerates the repair system in the skin, increases cell renewal as well as the vitality and elasticity. It also activates the genes in the skin that regulate the quality of the extracellular matrix. Extracellular matrix exists in all types of tissue, but foremost in connective tissue and cartilage.

Connective tissue consists mostly of extracellular matrix which can be boosted by Pure Cell Treatment. The deeper Pure Cell Roseroot reaches into the skin, the better results can be expected. Therefore, the treatment is designed to open up the skin and prepare it to absorb the cells. After follows a 25 minute long massage that forces the cells deep into the skin. The massage will also lift and firm the skin. The combination of the cells and the massage makes Pure Cell Treatment to be a very effective treatment for mature skin – Pro-Age Revolution.

The most noticeable result can be seen on a cellular level, but the immediate result on the skin is what makes customers come back for additional treatments.

Many resellers of MARIA ÅKERBERG have chosen to use Pure Cell Roseroot instead of swelling anti-ageing extracts that previously have been used together with beauty machines and equipment with great results. Pure Cell Roseroot can be added as a complementing serum to all treatments.

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